Memorial Tree Project

    On Earth Day, Saturday, 24 April 2004 at 9:30 am in the Supper Rock Park, your Association and the City held a very special ceremony.  The Supper Rock Neighborhood Association (SRNA) dedicated a Memorial Tree and plaque, made possible by neighbor donations.  Katrina Lallement, a resident of the Neighborhood since 1986, spoke at the ceremony in honor of her son Ben Lallement, who drowned in an arroyo at age 14This memorial tree will serve as a remembrance of Ben, and as a reminder of the dangers of being near arroyos, sending the message to play in the park, not the ditches.

Katrina Lallement at dedication
Attendees at Dedication Ceremony
Katrina Lallement and family at the dedication ceremony:  
Supper Rock Park, 24 April 2004.

City Council member Tina Cummins and Craig Loy were part of the neighborhood attending the Dedication Ceremony.

    The City of Albuquerque maintains a memorial tree program at a cost to the purchaser of $200.  The tree can be
ornamental, deciduous, or evergreen  essentially any species that grows in Albuquerque. The plaque itself is metal, approximately 4" by 5" and is set in concrete.  The message provides Ben's name, and a warning about the danger of ditches.  

Tina Cummins Family concludes ceremony
Photo at top:  City Council member Tina Cummins makes concluding remarks at the Memorial Tree dedication ceremony.  
Photo at bottom:   Ben's siblings conclude the ceremony.

    Theresa DeVargas, Past President of SRNA, 2001-2002, had earlier approached the SRNA Board to establish a memorial tree in remembrance of Benjamin R. LallementJack Harris, SRNA President, 2003-2004, was in charge of this project, and committed the current SRNA Board to the completion of this memorial.  In support of the project, SRNA accepted donations to reach the $200 cost.   The donations were so generous that a park bench, "Ben's Bench," will also be provided at the site.

Supper Rock Neighborhood Association
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Photo and Biography of Ben Lallement

Welcome Signs

Welcome sign Former SRNA Board member and sometime welder David Strip designed and fabricated a pair of signs that serve as a gateway to our neighborhood. Jay Gober, past president, erected one of these just east of Tramway on the south side of Encantado. The other is  installed on Copper, east of Tramway.  
David Strip completed an additional sign to hang from each welcome sign and feature the SRNA web site URL, so drivers would be aware of the web site.  We added that feature in 2004.
A look at the vegetation surrounding the Welcome Sign as of 3 October 2004:
Pic 1

Pic 2

pic 3

Updated as of 6 October 2004