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Foothills Area Commander:  Capt. Levi A. Anaya  (Commander of Foothills Area Command - serving SRNA)
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The Police Blotter

Identity Theft

(The following is taken from the city-published Neighborhood News.)

Since Identity Fraud has become a multi-million dollar crime, there are some tips for protecting your important numbers: Social Security, checking account, cred cards, driver's license-

The article "Surfing with Sharks: Internet Threats" by Captain Alain Jones,  USAF Intelligence HQ, originally published in "Cybershield," is now available from APD Crime Prevention.  To obtain your mail or FAX copy of this brief, but comprehensive, discussion of various types of internet security threats and prevention, call 924-3600.  There is no charge for this publication.

  Opting in or out:  Cluster Mail Boxes

Stealing mail from the open mail box in front of your home is one way for identity thieves to obtain what they need, or for checks to be stolen and embezzled.  Would cluster mail boxes (CBUs) with individual keys prevent this possibility?  Is it true that installing such CBUs decrease our postman's pay?  Can't cluster mail boxes also be broken into, and wouldn't that inconvenience everyone?  Some answers/information obtained from our local United States Postal Service for SRNA: 
After receiving various e-mails this morning on the topic of the mail boxes, I called the Post Office and asked if the postman's pay will be decreased if we get the cluster boxes.  The lady, whose name is Tanja, said there may be a slight decrease, but we should not concern ourselves about it.  She said it really wasn't a big deal, as the decrease was minor and only on a rural route, which ours is, and that one cluster wouldn't make much difference.  She asked where we were and I told her (SRNA area) and she said that her brother, Kelton, happened to be the postman there.  She repeated that one cluster mail box wouldn't create much of an issue of decreased pay for the postman, and again said for us not to be concerned at all.

Tanja went on to say that she used to have the Four Hills route, where they also have open boxes, and one woman had her mail stolen which resulted in $17,000 in stolen credit card amounts.  She said it's a problem all over the city.  Also, that the cluster mail boxes, while they do help and are a deterrent, can be broken into as well. [See this video story from KRQE-TV, 15 Feb 2006].  She suggested the following:

      1.  Place the cluster boxes, when we get them, in a visible area.  Right in front of someone's house, visible from a window, is best.  Most of the cluster boxes that are broken into are in hidden locations where they are not so easy to see, either because of trees or other objects.   It helps to have a lit area.

      2.  Do not leave mail in the boxes overnight.  It is too easy in the dark for mail to be stolen, in either the open boxes or cluster boxes, and it is occurring more frequently.  

      3.  Do not place outgoing mail in the boxes prior to 6 a.m., when it is also likely to be dark.  

Tanja said that unless someone is caught red-handed stealing mail, there is nothing you can do.  She said that thieves usually target the higher-income areas for this kind of theft.  

After talking to a different P.O. representative yesterday (Janet) and confirming that neighbors could opt out, I told her that so far we had 7 signatures, and that one neighbor had been unable to be reached as he is selling his house and isn't there often.  She said that 7 signatures would be enough.  And, she said they would install enough boxes for each of the residences on the street (10), in case others moved in who wanted it, or if anyone changed their mind about wanting one.  I was told that it would take weeks, possibly months, before it is installed, as they consider it higher priority to serve others who aren't getting mail delivery at all.  I took the petition, with the 7 signatures, to the P.O. yesterday. "

(Posted 14 February 2006; for further information on obtaining a petition for Cluster Mail Boxes in your area, contact the 87123 Post Office)

Note:  For those who prefer our prevalent individual curbside mail boxes, note that you can "opt out" of a Cluster Mail Box even if all your neighbors "opt in." 

If you desire a new high security mailbox:  There is one installed within SRNA area at 629 La Jolla PL NE 87123 [enter the address in the search box] if you'd like to see what it looks like.  Website for the vendor is    They offer a $10 per box discount if more than five boxes are ordered and shipped to one address.  Shipping is free. 
If you want an even tougher mail box, consider steel:  They claim baseball bats are broken when they hit this one!

Another idea is the Lock 'n Mailbox:  Helps prevent theft from curbside mailboxes.  fully assembled prehung door and frame unit mounts entirely INSIDE YOUR EXISTING MAILBOX (great for bricked in mailboxes). Has pick proof vending machine style lock with 2 keys and concealed steel hinge pin.   slot for mail allows letter carrier to insert mail when door is locked.   Restrictive chute keeps "sticky fingers" from getting to mail.  Only key holder may retrieve mail.  Keeps mail safe while you're away.  Completely concealed when outer door is shut. Installs easily in minutes with tool provided.   No drilling, cutting, or altering of existing mailbox need.  Meet or exceeds all postal codes regarding locks and doors on mailboxes.  Molded from Fiberglas reinforced polypropylene. five year unconditional warranty on materials and workmanship.   Fits any standard Size #1 metal rural curbside mailbox.

Another more secure mail box:

Contact the webmaster if you wish to post other ideas or suggestions on this subject.

Notes from Police Advisory Team Meeting

November 1, 2000  6-8 pm, Foothills Substation

Theresa DeVargas, Vice-President of Supper Rock Neighborhood Association attended above meeting in place of Hoyt Skabelund who could not attend. Conducting the meeting was Captain Loy (Foothills Commander) with Michael Brasher (City Council). Stephanie Wiebe (Crime Prevention
Specialist) was in attendance. Several citizens from Four Hills and Princess Jeanne neighborhoods were in attendance.

The following items were discussed:

DWI Arrests: 71-75% conviction rate for 1999

35 Arrests in Foothills Area

If you notice someone drinking alcohol while driving a vehicle on city streets, you can call 242-COPS from a cellular phone. Give the MVD tag number and name of street and direction of vehicle. A "locate" will be put out over the police radio. A citizen calling in is not enough evidence to make an arrest. The officer has to observe the alleged drunk driver in order to make the arrest. If the officer does issue a DWI arrest, then the citizen who called in the tag may be used as a witness in court. If alleged drunk driver is already in the driveway in front of his/her home, an arrest cannot be made.

Domestic Violence:

If you observe (in progress) neighbors inflicting physical abuse towards anyone, you can call the emergency number 911. If you hear neighbors arguing and fear it is more than a healthy argument then call the non-emergency number 242-COPS. If you suspect neighbors are involved with domestic violence then call the Foothills Substation 332-5240. The Domestic Violence police unit will come out to talk to those neighbors.


The amount of damage determines misdemeanor or felony for arrests of "taggers". Prosecutions of graffiti arrests are non-existent. City sues civilly for use of personnel and repainting of graffiti sites. APD has identified 55 groups of taggers. Call Graffiti Hotline 768-4725 when graffiti is observed around Albuquerque.

Speed Bumps:

Traffic Engineering 857-8680 does the survey of city streets for the need of speed bumps in neighborhoods. Southern Blvd was recently repaved and speed bumps were removed as a result. Decision to re-apply the speed bumps is pending.

Written by Theresa DeVargas, V.P.
Supper Rock N.A.

Phone Scam - 809 Area code 
For the most part, this scam has migrated into the realm of urban legend.  The actual scam may have pushed your phone bill to as much as $100, not $10,000 !!  Area code 809 is now the Dominican Republic (and the Virgin Islands never were part of the Bahamas!).   If you are interested in the history and details of this 1990's scam, see

E-mail Hoaxes
In general, when you receive an e-mail that says "Forward this to all your friends!"  -  Don't !   Please think about this:  if kidneys were really being stolen from travelers, don't you think there might be at least a small article on that event in the Albuquerque Journal?  Or even on CNN?  It's not there because <good> reporters check their sources.  So please do the same:  check it out on urban legends, hoaxes, Symantec's virus alert, etc.  One easy way to do this is to enter some of the words from the "alert" into a Google search. is also a reliable source to check out current e-mail hoaxes.  The history of the "Phone Scam" (see link above) is a prime example of how casual advice can become fodder for fearmongers!    -  Mike Blackledge, SRNA Webmaster

Last updated 05 September 2006