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Charitable Donations:  Your Supper Rock Neighborhood Association is not a philanthropic organization.  However, traditionally the SRNA has made an annual donation to the Providence Presbyterian Church on Encantado as a "thanks" for allowing us to use the facility for our Annual Meetings.  During CY2006, this donation resulted in two charitable donations:  at Thanksgiving a check for $25 to Joy Junction to help the homeless, and at Christmas a check for $25 to assist troubled teens in purchasing school items and small gifts.  If additional details are needed, please contact the SRNA Treasurer or President(posted 19 Dec 2006)

Concrete Plant:  One of our neighbors has some specific complaints regarding the 2005 construction going on as part of the state's "Tramsylvania Project"  (Interstate-40 from Tramway to Pennsylvania), as follows:
Hello neighbors.
I have complained to the environmental Health department regarding the
dust, the noise, and the huge lights south of our homes at the concrete
plant erected for the construction of the freeway.
I live at 14106 arcadia, directly behind the freeway 
and the newly erected concrete plant. They are working only at nights to pour
concrete, so the dust and noise is mostly from sundown to sunrise. They have
said the problem will go away near Christmas when the freeway project is
completed. To date all my vehicles, and my pool cover have suffered from the
nightly dust layers. We believe the stains on the pool cover are permanent.
In my conversation
with Penny Avery with the city of Albuquerque she stated that it would
be helpful if they had other complaints on file. Penny Avery has been
investigating but only in the daytime when they are not working.
She just recently got permission for overtime.
If you have any
comments, either positive or negative please forward them to:
Thank you
Patrick Barr 710-4365 <posted: 28 Jun 2005>

Hello SRNA Members,

I did notice the flood lighting that faces west on I-40 is quite bright.  I appreciate the lighting because at the south end of Monte Largo Street, in the apt bldg I live in, our landlord has yet to replace light bulbs on our building.  Without the flood lighting from the concrete plant, the south end of my street (which I represent as board member of this area ) would be prone to criminal activity.

I do hear the noise during the hours Pat Barr indicates if I am on the east side of my apt, so I empathize with any houses in SRNA area and the apts across my street (bedrooms are on east side).  My bldg has bedrooms on west side and I don't hear the noise from the concrete plant.  (I hear the noise from the freeway even after the "sound barriers" were installed).


Theresa De Vargas   <provided: 29 Jun 2005>

To SRNA:  The only web-site concerning this project that I know of is the state one:

(I noticed there is a contact person on there for more information on GRIP projects.)

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

Penny Avery 
<provided:  30 Jun 2005>
Environmental Health Specialist
City of Albuquerque, Air Quality Division
(505) 768-1957

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