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SRNA Meeting Agenda (Tues, 10 May 2005): 
         7 pm: Remarks by Tina Cummins, District 9 City Councilor 
    8 pm:  Presentation by Consensus Planning:  Proposed Development South of Arcadia Rd (Wells Sandia Manor)
                    Site Plan:  drawing (PDF file, 500 KB) -
requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
                    Site Plan:  description:  
"Note cul-de-sacs at the ends of the stub-streets for refuse pick up and emergency access.  The cul-de-sacs will require NMDOT approval, however, they have been cooperative in the past under similar circumstances."

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Minutes of  the Annual SRNA meeting, 9 Sept 2003:   (Adobe Acrobat PDF version)   (Rich Text Format .rtf file version)
  Agenda for the Board Meeting, 7 pm, 14 Oct 2003  (Rich Text Format .rtf file version)

Summaries from prior to Calendar Year 2004

Past Newsletters:  The Supper Rock Sentinel was published during 2000 - 2001 as SRNA's newsletter; the newsletter started into publication again in Spring 2004 for an issue or two.   It was sponsored by Greg and Debbie Lobberegt of Coldwell/Banker (Parnegg Metro) Realty (269-4734).  Layout for these issues was by Rosemary Alvino (856-0291), who specializes in desktop publishing, ad writing, and public relation needs.  These facilities are available to SRNA today - if you would like to help create the newsletter, please contact Board Member Cindy Harris. 

Apparently, some of the apartment dwellers in the neighborhood area without secure mailboxes did not receive the newsletters - but we will always post the latest edition here, as well as past editions.  These historic editions of the newsletter still provide information relevant to today's Association.  They are provided in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can find it here .

Supper Rock Sentinel, Sept 2001

Supper Rock Sentinel, April 2000

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