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This portion of our web site is devoted to helping you find the services you need around the neighborhood.  The section, Recommended by Your Neighbor, lists providers who someone in the neighborhood suggested we include. The name and phone of the source of the recommendation is provided for your reference.

CAVEAT EMPTOR! We have made no attempt to verify any information about the providers, other than their status as active members of the SRNA. Likewise, we have not verified information about recommended sources. Call the source of the recommendation to help determine whether the suggested supplier fits your needs.

Click here for information on how to add your business to this listing, or how to recommend a source.

Recommended by Your Neighbor

Index to services:

    Chuck Gonzales Stucco Repair:  869-7041    [stucco repair;  plaster patching; restoration specialist - 30 yrs experience]   A true artist with his work.  Recommend by Mike Blackledge (294-6030).

     Free Trees (Albuquerque TreeCentennial Project)
     Free Stuff  (Albuquerque
    Gardening in Albuquerque
                       High Country Gardens  (on San Mateo at I-25, in the Jackalope building)

     DeCosta Construction
281-5271 - Specializes in residential remodels and additions, with electricians, plumbers and stucco folks. Also repairs, concrete, windows and replacement doors. Fully insured .  Recommend by Mike Blackledge (294-6030).

    Paul Davis Restoration:
884-5583 - specializes in repairs for fire and flood damage. These folks are great! On time, on budget. Show up when they promise and show respect for your home. Recommended by David - 292-7490.

    Benchmark Hardwood Floors: 292-3238 - Hardwood floor installation, repair, maintenance. Recommended by David, 292-7490.


How to be included:

Local Providers:
Send an email to the webmaster with the name of your business, the name under which you are registered as an SRNA member, the category under which you wish to be listed, name of contact, and a phone number. Services provided by minors must also include the name of a parent who can be contacted to verify consent for listing. We strongly recommend that for services provided by minors that a parent's name is provided as the contact. For informal businesses involving minors, such as lawn mowing or babysitting, we will omit last names in the listing unless otherwise requested.

Recommended by Your Neighbor:
Send an email to the webmaster with all relevant information about the business. Provide your name and a phone number for verification. You will be listed as the source of the recommendation and must be willing to provide a phone number to be contacted for references about the business. Your last name will be omitted in the listing unless otherwise requested.

(last updated 12 June 2008)