Good Neighbor Policy

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The Supper Rock Neighborhood Association takes pride in the good works that our members perform for the benefit of all of us.  This page presents a few of those actions that have been brought to our attention.  If you have others to nominate, please send your information to the SRNA President or to the Webmaster

The Ramirez Family  (nominated by Carol O'Keefe, Dec 2006):  When you drive up Copper from Tramway Blvd, ever wonder who hung the yellow ribbon on the Supper Rock Welcome sign?  Note that the decor changes with the season - e.g., in December a holiday wreath appears.  Caught in the act:  members of the Ramirez Family who have been maintaining the area (cutting the grass around the sign, keeping the area clean, adding their special touch) for over a year now.  What great neighbors!
Anne Hickman  (nominated by Carol O'Keefe, Nov 2006): Anne regularly walks the trail on the east side of Tramway from Encantado to Copper, picking up trash and paper as she goes.  Recently Anne was able to flag down a city crew and have them clear out the brush, undergrowth, and heavy trash in the land along this trail, resulting in the clean look you see today.  Kudos to Anne! 
Kathleen Schlinder-Wright  (nominated by Theresa De Vargas, Oct 2006):  Neighbors want to keep Supper Rock Park clean and inviting for children and families.  Some people walk their dogs in the Park with the near-inevitable reminders.  Kathleen found that the City would install a Dispenser for Doggy-Doo pick-up bags if a resident would serve as the active contact point:  maintain a supply of bags, check the box in the park, re-fill as necessary.  Kathleen is doing it all -  Thanks from your neighbors! 
Robert Scott  (nominated by Mike Blackledge, Oct 2006):  Bob was persistent in contacting the City of Albuquerque to do something about the tall, dead pine trees in the City Water Dept area surrounding Supper Rock Pump Station.  After numerous calls to the Water Dept Supervisor and follow-ups throught the City's 311 number, a Park Maintenance contractor crew was dispatched to cut down these several fire hazards.  Well done, Bob!
What good deed have you caught in the act?  Do you have neighbors to nominate?

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