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Development Watch

East Central Redevelopment  [Oct 2006]

[19 Oct 2006]:  Our City Councilor Don Harris has won approval to design a development plan for East Central (Eubank to Tramway and I-40 to one block south of Central).  The city planning dept and Don will contact SRNA soon for input.  This web page will be updated when more is known.  Contact Don Harris's office for details. 

Zoning Requests

Project in Cenaroca Addition:  (Project # 100 4496) Within Cenaroca Addition:  The currently vacantHomes By Lillian land just East of Tramway, between Encantado on the North and Skyline on the South, was posted (1 Nov 2005 - 15 Nov 2005) for a Special Exception Request.  This was to request conditional use to allow dwelling units in this C-1 Zone.  (the current zoning is C-1; this "conditional use" does not propose to change the zoning designation.)

Bill Kraemer of Garcia/Kramer & Associates is working to develop these three acres, and addressed the SRNA Board on the evening of 11 Dec 2005.  One of the city councilors is sponsoring an amendment to stop allowing dwelling units in a commercially zoned area (similar to this Special Exception Request).  Bill's group now plans to ask for a Zone Change on 19 Jan 2006 that "won't be injurious to the neighborhood."  Bill indicated that there would be a max total of 28 dwelling units on these three acres.  Builder will be Stan Padilla of "Homes by Lillian Inc." For an example of the site plans, see the picture to the right, and the model home on Florence (North of La Cueva, and North of Eagle Rock.)  Homes include granite counter tops, landscaping in front with xeriscaping.  The dwellings will face East, with the back yards facing Tramway.  Each will have a round turret, spiral staircase going up, kitchen with an island, custom cabinets, stainless steel appliances, 2-car garage, 2200 to 2600 sq. feet.  Price range will be about $350K.

The Zoning Hearing Examiner of the City of Albuquerque held the monthly public hearing in the Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, in the Basement Level, 600 2nd Str NW on Tuesday, November 15, 2005, opening with Old Business at 9 am.  Here is the agenda for that meeting.  This Special Exception Request was presented (items 39-42, "Tramway Associates") after 1:30 pm, under New Business .  Carol O'Keefe and Ken O'Keefe attended this public hearing to represent SRNA. 
The contact listed on the Special Exception Request posters is Garcia/Kraemer, phone 242-5566. 

South Pointethe proposed development south of Wells Sandia Manor (Spring - Summer 2005)
Carol O'Keefe is checking with Jude Baca on the latest information as of December 2005. 
Notes from SRNA Meeting with proposed developer, Tuesday, 14 June 2005 - click for Notes
(the 14 June 2005 notes include a link to the Wells Sandia Manor Covenants) 
Notes from SRNA Meeting with our City Councilor: Tuesday, 10 May 2005
- click for Notes

Archived Development Watch notices:
Development in west Tijeras Canyon   (2000)

West Tijeras Development

The city of Albuquerque was ordered to annex the West Tijeras property under a state law intended to prevent cities from leap-frog annexation. Nonetheless, the owners of the land used the law to force the annexation, which would then bring city services (esp. water and sewer). The city appealed and a court ruled early in 2001 that the law was misapplied in this case. Needless to say, this isn't the end.

Old postings:

Dan Mulder received a package from Consensus Planning for West Tijeras Canyon containing a site plan for subdivision to the City.  They also included a set of design guidelines in the site plan.  Please let him know if you would like to review this package.  The design guidelines seem to cover most areas - building envelope, acceptable driveway materials, colors, acceptable building and roof styles, outbuildings, trash container enclosures, landscaping and vegetation, signs, acceptable wall materials around property, drainage, etc.

Facilitated Meeting, March 17, 2000

Planning is underway for a new development in Tijeras Canyon. The land was recently annexed into the city at the request of the land owner (and against city wishes). The planners for the project attended our last board meeting to make a presentation on the project. What follows are notes taken by moderators provided by the city for this meeting.

Meeting held:  March 14, 2000; 7:30 pm - 9 pm at the home of Jay Gober, President of Supper Rock NA

Between:  Jim Strozier and Jackie Fishman, of Consensus Planning, agents, and board members of Supper Rock NA, as well as Dale Buchanan of North Fourhills NA.
Attendees:  10 attended; sign-in sheet submitted.
RE:  00110 00000 00176, 00138 00000 00177, West Tijeras Ltd.
Facilitators:  Jori Manske and Jim Manske
Meeting Summary:  Jim Strozier reviewed the complex history of the property leading up to its annexation and current need for zoning.  He also answered questions related to the topography, effects of accessing utilities on the site, and the complicated governmental structure of the area.  The meeting was respectful, cooperative, and informative with little apparent opposition.

Primary Issues/Interests of Applicant:
  The land has been annexed to the city  so that city services could be accessed.  The proposal has four distinct areas including:
high-end residential with a density up to 1du/ac south of the arroyo,  offices for the 10 acres of the northwest adjacent to the current commercial use,  townhomes with a density up to 8 du/ac adjacent to the proposed offices, and  public open space including the canyon and the immediate area around it.

Primary Issues/Interests of Neighbors:
1.  Water contamination:  Neighbors are concerned that development could exacerbate the existing soil pollution from Gulton Industries.
2.  Access across the canyon:  Neighbors questioned whether the adjacent properties would be connected to this property by road enabling access to old Route 66.
3.  Benefits to the City:  There was some question and discussion about how the City could benefit from annexation.
4.  Taxes:  Neighbors do not want tax dollars to pay for providing services, nor for property taxes to increase, forcing low income property owners out of the area.
5.  Traffic:  There is concern about increased traffic flow on Old Route 66.
6.  Townhouse design:  Neighbors would like to see some innovative design on the grouping of the townhouses which would avoid close stacking of same height buildings.

Areas of Agreement:
1.  Applicant will comply with the Sandia Foothills Area Plan, despite being outside its boundaries.
2.  Effects of pollutants from Gulton Industries should be monitored.
3.  A reasonable rational approach should be taken toward annexation and zoning.
4.  Townhouses would be clustered with open space and landscaping between clusters.

Unresolved Issues, Interests, Concerns:
Possible effects of development on water pollution as a result of disturbing land containing pollutants.

Action Plan:
1.  This case will be deferred to enable development of the Site Plan.
2.  Agent will send copies of the site plan when it is developed.

Respectfully submitted,

Jori Manske, Facilitator                        Jim Manske, Facilitator

Zoning Requests

Cenaroca Addition:  1st hearing was held 15 Nov 2005.
Next hearing:  17 Jan 2006 (but zone change was requested on 19 Jan 2006).