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(updated:    18 October 2014)

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Tramway Trail funding:  The State's Department of Transportation (DOT) has received $1,000,000 in federal funding for the purpose of improving or enhancing the Tramway Trail.  Planner Debbie Bauman tells us:  "We are aware of several categories of concern that have been expressed by uses including:  pavement drop-offs, narrow shoulders, overgrown landscaping and structural obstacles, and erosion issues.  We are hosting a public meeting to solicit input from users to get additional suggestions about the type of improvements, location of improvements, and how to prioritize the improvements."
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Items of on-going interest

Is your house number visible?

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to find house numbers around Albuquerque.  Don’t be part of the problem!  The city Neighborhoods Office sponsors a youth program to paint house numbers on the curb in front of your house. The price? Free (but donations are accepted). Call 924-3907. The kids working the program can only work on weekends, so please be patient – it can take a few weeks to get to you.

Is your car in the shop?

190 auto repair shops in Albuquerque offer free bus passes to customers who bring in their cars for repairs.  The City Transit Department provides the free passes to participating repair shops.  The free ride program serves several purposes.  It familiarizes consumers with the bus system, it allows people to take their cars in for repairs without having to arrange rides to be picked up or dropped off, and it may eliminate the need to rent a car.  The greatest benefit is that any use of public transport in lieu of private vehicles by city residents reduces the impact of carbon monoxide on our environment.