The Supper Rock Neighborhood Association is comprised of the subdivisions of Cenaroca, City View Estates, Los Cerros, Parkside Estates, Orona, Supper Rock, Sandia Manor, and Wells Sandia Manor.
These subdivisions lie east of Tramway, north of Interstate-40, and south of Copper.
Map of boundaries Aerial Photo

The Neighborhood Association to the North of Supper Rock NA is Chelwood Vista NA.  It is bounded by Lomas, Tramway, and Copper.  Chelwood Vista NA does not currently maintain a web site, so to obtain info on their contact people, please call the Office of Neighborhood CoEmbudo Canyon mapordination at 505-924-3914.

The Neighborhood Association to the North of Chelwood Vista NA is Embudo Canyon NA.  Embudo Canyon boundaries include Lomas on the South, and running north along Tramway well past Indian School Road.   At the right is a map of Embudo Canyon NA boundaries.   Here is their web site: and here is their email address:

Do you see the weird block within the map?  There actually exists a Monte Largo Nhbd Assoc embedded within the Embudo Canyon NA.

The NeighboFour Hills Village signrhood Association(s) to the South of Supper Rock NA (and south of Central Ave) is Four Hills Village.  Four Hills Village actually has two competing NAs, with identical boundaries, with their own constituencies within those boundaries, and each with their own web site.

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Updated 2 February 2014