Alltel Communications Zoning Request

Alltel Communications Zoning Request -  Your SRNA has received a letter dated March 3, 2004 from Alltel Communications, 4520 Montgomery Blvd, NE, Suite 5 (Phone 975-3973) informing us that Alltel Communications will be applying for zoning approval to construct a telecommunications facility at 13432 Copper NE.  An integrated block wall will enclose the equipment and their antennas will be concealed in a cylindrical pole, apparently of height 55 feet.  Alltel provided photographs to indicate how the site will look - the two "after" photos (simulations of what the pole will look like) are provided below.  

Alltel states, "The facility will be designed to fully comply with the zoning regulations governed by the City of Albuquerque for Wireless Telecommunications Facilities."  If you have questions, you are directed to Les Gutierrez, Site Acquisiton and Zoning Specialist for Alltel, at 975-3973.  You could also contact the Planning and Zoning Division of the City of Albuquerque at 924-3335.
Alltel Communications - Simulation #1
Alltel Communications - Simulation #2

Updated 16 March 2004